Cloudflare Wordpress plugin not detected WP 5.6


today I received a mail from Cloudflare suggesting me to use the Cloudflare Wordpress Plugin for increasing the speed of my wordpress site. So I have Wordpress 5.6 installed and I ran through the setup process, generated an API-Key for wordpress and was able to login after installing the plugin via Wordpress Admin Panel.

However, in the optimization section of my Cloudflare dashboard I get the message that Wordpress could not be detected on my website. That`s firstly a bit strange as Cloudflare got in touch with me so they must have detected, that I am using Wordpress and secondly I installed the plugin and was able to activate it.

So, I also tried to reinstall the plugin with no changes. What can I do more?

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Is this on APO? I’m getting the same message on my non-APO 5.6 sites with the Cloudflare plugin (3.8.7), so maybe @yevgen can take a look.

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I tried to activate APO, but because the plugin is not recognized by Cloudflare in the dash I couldn’t. And the plugin is 3.8.7 for me also.

Activating APO from the plugin should always work, most certainly the response from the server was slower than the 5 seconds timeout. WP detection in dashboard is not 100% reliable.

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My server might take that personally. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t think it’s that slow.

I can’t repro an issue on your test zone, API successfully detect WP plugin on a subdomain.

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