CloudFlare Wordpress Plugin lacking support for latest PHP and other support issues

Does anyone have a suggestion to replace the Cloudflare Wordpress plugin that offers the same features?

Apparently the CF supported plugin on github has been abandoned for some time by Cloudflare and the latest version of the plugin is Untested on the current release of WordPress.

Any thoughts?

From conversations with, the response was:

The Cloudflare Wordpress plugin will receive updates in some period of time, but as we’ve said, we do not know the timescale at this time.

I suggest reaching out in to see if you can leverage a following to make things happen from within the community in this regard.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

For now I will mark this as solved but if you reply to the ticket it will automatically re-open.

This was after my initial inquiry as to the status of the plugin and it’s support by Cloudflare. It would appear the GITHUB project where the plugin is maintained has had quite a bit of support from the Open Source community with fixes and patches, but all the updates are stuck waiting on CF to actually review and approve the updates.


There are 13 “pull” requests pending approval going back over 14 months.


The other thread I linked to is a product request that is similar so I would suggest adding to that thread or creating your own as people can vote on it… So you can: