Cloudflare Wordpress Plugin for APO giving error of “Bad Request”

Hey @aseure_cf,

When do you guys plan to support your plugin? Many users are reporting the same in your plugin’s support forum. To close the loop, can your team update the post provided below?

Thank you!

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Same issue here.

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I upgraded to Cloudflare pro specifically for APO. It’s been doing this since day one. No interest for CF it seems. Disappointing.

Hi @aseure_cf

Can we get some updates?

Thank you

Hi all,

I have determined that the most likely cause for this error is the Wordpress APO Plugin querying your zone for Railgun-related data.

For context, Cloudflare deprecated Railgun on 31 January 2024, so this request is returning an error.

If APO is functioning normally and you are not seeing any other errors, please feel free to ignore the request at this time.

Hey Brandon,

Not sure I agree with you. Please read the update posted here. Also, take a look at this one from 2021.

A deeper dive to determine the root cause of this issue may be required.

By the way, APO is working for us. For those reading this, it can be confirmed via a header check or this site. Note: Enter your website’s URL, then enable the toggle labeled “Cache Status.”

Thank you!

PS: Your plugin needs more TLC :slight_smile:

The HAR file I received from a customer having the issue shows the following data for the URL:

The response from this specific request is:

edit: I should note that this customer was not using Railgun, but I don’t think that means the plugin won’t look for it. My educated guess is likely that APO can work with Railgun if Railgun was installed alongside Wordpress, likely on a custom server - not a managed host.

I don’t deny that the plugin needs some TLC, and I don’t discount previous issues. I’m working on gaining that traction internally.
However, for the time being, this is the only request the plugin is making which returns success: false with “Bad Request”.

If you grab a HAR file, start capturing before you click on the APO Plugin’s Settings page, and check the responses. If you find something different, I’d be very curious to see!

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I honestly don’t think APO works. At least my site since I entered it is much slower, as if this bad request slowed it down.

I am getting same issue. I freshly purchased APO and installed Cloudflare plugin and it showing this error. Unable to turn on APO in Cloudflare plugin or unable to change any settings.

I am sure this is an error from your side or in plugin. I even never enable raill gun, getting error on fresh website.

Hi Team,
This problem is impacting us from having APO clear the cache automatically when there is a new post, thus not refreshing our homepage. We need to manually clear cloudflare cache every time there is a new post.

Should we roll back the version of the plugin to a previous one to solve it or are you guys going to deliver an update solving this issue?

Cache clearing is impacted as per our test.

APO is working, cache clearing once there is a new post is impacted.

Same issue for us:

@CFBrandon - per @user36818 post, I’m having a similar issue with comments. Created a separate thread:

Auto-purge in the Wordpress plugin states “This feature is superseded by Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress. If you are using APO, then this setting should be disabled.”

I noticed (non logged-in) user comments were not posting and heard from some visitors they were having issues posting comments. I was able to replicate in private windows.

Contrary to the above documentation, I turned on auto-purge with APO and my test comment was able to make it through (which is good, but contrary to the documentation).

Update: It seems that some users are still having issues getting comments through, so at best, APO is intermittently permitting comments/auto-purging. All spam filters and caching plugins (other than Cloudflare) are off. Does the WP plugin w/ APO work without issue with Wordpress commenting or not? It does not seem like it. If so, the documentation on proper implementation seems incomplete. Otherwise, it’s just not working properly and I will be cancelling the service.

same issue for us as well.

Hi. Does the Cloudflare team have a position regarding this issue that looks like it’s still happening?
Would you be kind to provide an update as it’s impacting many users with APO service running, in the past almost 1 month.
Thanks and regards.

We canceled the service until this is sorted. Unfortunately we found out, that the cache clearing did not work properly and for some reason our newsletter subscription boxes stopped working after a period of time. Clearing the cache manually worked, then the boxes worked again for 24 hours or so. We had not time to futher investigate, so APO is off now. I recommend anyone to better check if really everything works as intended…

same issue here. Cloudflare team, please provide a solution to this issue! people are paying for using APO. thank you for your support!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the long resolution time. As @CFBrandon mentioned, this was due to Railgun-related API calls which are now failing due to the deprecation.

Those API calls are not performed anymore as of v4.12.6 of the Wordpress plugin that we released today.

Thanks for your patience on this.

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Thanks Team Cloudflare! Issue fixed at our end with V4.12.6. Job well done.

Note: One small request … can you guys now fix this? (it’s been lingering for a long time. check your plugin’s support forum)

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