CloudFlare WordPress Plugin Errors

I installed the Cloudflare WordPress plugin and am trying to utilize Automatic Platform Optimization. I’m getting an error message saying that “cf-edge-cache response header is missing!”

I have cleared cache (and disabled) the only plugin I have which could cache server data (WPRocket). I waited overnight, and I still the error.

I also see some console errors on the WordPress Admin page for the plugin:

I’ve run the diagnostic tests and my site is passing all tests. Any ideas on this?

Firstly, may I ask if you have setup the WPRocket as suggested on the below article?:

Can you try to setup the WPRocket, or even better follow the suggestion from below?:

Moreover, regarding APO for WordPress, @yevgen could provide some helpful feedback.
Kindly and patiently wait for his reply.

Until then, maybe someone else has got some experience and would reply too.

It’s not working. If we activate CF APO then everything is fine. However, if we activate WP Rocket and we have tested it with their addon and with your original plugin, the header is simply gone. There is just

  1. cf-apo-via:

  2. cf-cache-status:

In my opinion WP Rocket creates the page in its local cache without the headers. I know that even some security headers disappear if using WP Rocket.

So right now the quesiton is, is APO working or not? Even if this header is missing?

And, on a side note, we have a HUGE problem with APO and its caching of homepage and other pages which are dynamically loaded based on our published content. It’s not refreshed at all. We need to fully exclude it to run it normally however we have tens or hundreds of similar pages and it’s simply not possible to manually exclude. This should be fixed as well somehow, to have the option not to cache HTML on some pages.

It’s also very weird that we cannot use with APO the WP Rocket feature to cache mobile and desktop separately because then the cumulative layout shift on the mobiles is VERY big and most probably taken from the desktop version and simply it’s not working well.

Btw. their addon is not fullyl compatible yet Is WP Rocket compatible with Cloudflare APO? - WP Rocket Knowledge Base

Alright, I just reactivated CF plugin and used GLOBAL API key, not just the WP token and it seems now that it’s working fine. At least I can see the edge right now in the console. It would be good to verify it by someone else…

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