Cloudflare-Wordpress-Plugin deactivates itself

Yay! =)

I installed Cloudflare since yesterday and connected it to the site via the wordpress plugin. It seems to work for now.

But strange is that the plugin - after a shorter time - always deactivates itself. Then I activate it again, but after 30 minutes it is suddenly deactivated again.

I have reinstalled the plugin a few times now, deleted caches and so on, but somehow nothing has helped.

Does anyone know this problem?

Thank you very much & best regards


Maybe Audit logs in Cloudflare can provide some insights?


Danke für Deine Rückmeldung.
In den Logs ist leider nichts zu sehen.

Maybe you can share more details incl. your WordPress version so that @yevgen can take a look at it.

Hi @jan13 I noticed your tickets with Support and have merged the duplicate ticket 2163679 into 2163676 in order to not slow down replies. And, I’ve added myself to the ticket to track progress.

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I’m noticing the same behaviour.

In our instance the WordPress is a Multisite and the plugin is directly activated on the affected sub-site. (Not a network activation.) We run APO.

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