Cloudflare Wordpress Plugin Causes Massive Bot Traffic

We recently installed the Cloudflare Wordpress Plugin. About a day after enabling the plugin, we started getting a Huge influx of verified bot requests to our site from Cloudflare-Purge/2.0

Has anyone experienced this issue? We are running the Wordpress plugin with APO

Verified Bots from last 72 hours

I’m just not seeing that User Agent in my Bot log. Then again, I’m not using APO, just the plugin. If you click on it to filter results, what does that look like?

When I filter I see this.

AFAIK that is normal they’re verified Cloudflare bot if you’re using Cloudflare Wordpress plugin it does a purge when you clear the cache which is automatic when you update a blog post or make changes to ensure your Cloudflare cache is fresh after an update. If you did deeper, the requests happen at CF server side and don’t actually hit your origin server.

Yours shows 800k in a week. Theirs breaks down to 400k per day. That’s an awful lot. Maybe they just have a ton of traffic.

Parsing my Cloudflare edge server logs via Cloudflare logpush, show purge user agent hitting nearly all Wordpress page/post/tags URLs multiple times. So yes if you have ALOT of Wordpress pages/posts/tags, that is a lot of purge crawling. Though doesn’t matter as it never hits your origin and is handled at Cloudflare server level.

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Where do I see that these requests happen on the CF server and not my origin?

Check your origin server logs. If Cloudflare-Purge agent requests hit your origin server they should be logged in your origin server logs.

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