Cloudflare wordpress plugin broken


I have been having a lot of problems with my WordPress website lately, as the customizer was suddenly broken on the site (can’t edit the page). After various troubleshooting and talks with customer service at my hosting provider, they told me that the problem seems to be with Cloudflare. When clicking the Cloudflare plugin it just displays a white screen with nothing else, tried reinstalling.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

Have tried disabling Cloudflare, disabling plugins etc. with no luck.

Hope to hear from someone who might be able to help as I’ve tried to solve this for a week now :slight_smile:


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I have been going through the same thing. Maybe we can help each other. I had to remove it from my server, Jetpack and Cloudflare. Couldn’t find no help yesterday and still need it. Mine is blocking a plugin but I did successfully removed it and reinstalled it. Now I need it to stop it from blocking my plugin. Haven’t solved that yet.

Who is your host @imindthetrap, when using developer tools are there any issues via Console tab?

That sounds frustrating! Seems like it might be the same type of problem I am experiencing. Did any of the things you try enable you to use the customizer?

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Hey @Infinity, my host is GoDaddy. Just checked the console tab, and this is what I got :slight_smile:

@imindthetrap I solved my problem. Thought it was all these security issues but it was the custom-built plugin for the theme. put up your coming soon page and deactivate as many plugins as you find function again of the customizer. If it works cut each plugin on 1 at a time until you find error. This really might work

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