Cloudflare wordpress plugin and Multisite

I have a wordpress multisite set up with subdomain setup and I have country-specific TLDs attached to the subdomains. I have installed the Cloudflare plugin and network activated it. My question is will the plugin affect the whole network since I have the subdomain TLDs as separate accounts on the Cloudflare network or do I need to activate it individually on every subdomain of my site?
my site is Betting Hits


Nobody has replied, so I can only guess at the configuration. I also don’t use the Cloudflare plugin.

And I can’t see any information on how it behaves in Multisite. What I do know is it only asks for your API key. But if those are all separate accounts, with their own Cloudflare logins, I see no way for it to function network-wide. The API key for one Cloudflare account isn’t going to work with your other Cloudflare account(s).

I’m just now tinkering with MultiSite, and it’s certainly an odd configuration when it comes to plugins.

So my opinion is you need to activate it on every Site in your MultiSite installation so it has its own configuration. Not Network activate.

ok thanks for that, I will try this and see what happens.

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