Cloudflare WordPress plugin abandoned?


Why is the plugin not getting any updates?
It’s been 1 years and no updates?
It should be testing for the newest version of wordpress and optimized for PHP version 7 and higher.

  • Version: 3.3.2
  • Last updated: 1 year ago
  • Active installations: 200,000+
  • WordPress Version: 3.4 or higher
  • Tested up to: 4.9.9

CloudFlare Wordpress Plugin lacking support for latest PHP and other support issues
Cloudflare's Wordpress plugin hasn't been updated in over a year

Concerned about this as well. 200,000+ active installs…


Cloudflare’s Wordpress plugin hasn’t been updated in over a year:

200,000+ active installs, has development been abandoned?



Cloudflare is a security plugin, and each install is a security threat to those websites if the plugin has a vulnerability, and every outdated plugin is a security threat. Cloudflare should update their plugin frequently with responsibility.

Very very disappointed by Cloudflare. Cloudflare has a good reputation, best it is maintained.
I would suggest:
Promote the new DNS with this plugin as well.


Though to be fair, just because it hasnt been updated recently does not automatically mean there is a vulnerability.





Can you point out a vulnerability?


Do I need to wait for a vulnerability? Oo` - anything that stays outdated becomes a security threat. it’s not tested for the latest version of WordPress and doesn’t support PHP 7.0 and PHP older version has a ton of security issue and has performance issues and soon will no longer be supported.


You do not and nobody said that but your assumption is constant updating of “something” avoids vulnerabilities and that definitely is not the case.

So again, are you aware of any vulnerability or not? I take it you are not.

As far as your comment regard version 7 is concerned, that has been already addressed in another thread. Cloudflare supports up to 7.1, officially not higher but it appears to work just fine there too.


Why is this marked as a “Solution”. Abandoning support and not giving any updates/status is not a solution.

Frankly, I am very disappointed in this type of answer. I got a very similar answer from CF Support on the issue of CF Support for the WordPress plugin. When I pressed the matter, they claimed that I needed to take it up with the CF Community.


@user7472 It’s marked as the solution because that’s the official CF response to the issue. We’ll have to wait for more updates in that thread or this thread when things change.