Cloudflare Wordpress Plugin 4.0.0 - Deprecating PHP versions <7.2

Cloudflare is removing support for PHP versions before 7.2 in the next Cloudflare plugin – version 4.0.0. Since this will affect customers using old PHP versions we are bumping the major version number to signify this is a breaking change.

This allows us to more easily support the plugin going forward.

The new version is marked as requiring PHP 7.2+ which should keep WordPress from automatically updating if you use use deprecated PHP versions.

You can see PHP’s public version support here: PHP: Supported Versions


Thanks for the heads up !

We had some reports of customers running old PHP versions automatically pulling the update and issues arising. We just released 4.1.0 which hopefully corrects this.

Though if you were affected by automatically updating to 4.0.0, you likely need to manual rollback to the previous version. In 4.1.0 the plugin should correctly inform you that it can’t be used with PHP versions < 7.2 but not affect the rest of your site.

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