CloudFlare WordPress APO vs Cloudways Cloudflare enterprise

Hello, I am CF APO user since it is released and i am hosting my websites with Cloudways.

Recently cloudways switched to Cloudflare from stackpath CDN, now CW is offering enterprise Cloudflare features

my question is CF APO just for early website connectivity and doesn’t provide any kind of CDN support?

if i opt for CW-Cloudflare what can i expect?

since i am already paying for CF-APO i don’t need what Cloudways is offering?

or should i stop using APO and opt for Cloudways enterprise?
(if i stop using APO and start using CW Enterprise will i miss any features or i need to use both?)

i am very much confused could not able to figure the advantages and disadvantages of both


after reading the above blog i am assuming APO is just for js and CSS, HTML for CDN support we need to go for enterprise

if we enable CDN do we need to mention CDN URL in our application or it will be automatically handled? (earlier stackpath used to give a CDN URL and i need to configure it in worpdess plugins)

The biggest advantage of WordPress APO is that it can also help caching the static HTML pages while sending dynamic HTML requests back to the origin.

Sorry I’m not familiar with Cloudways so I can’t give comparison information on that.

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I am still talking* about [Cloudways-Cloudflare] affiliated service someone from Cloudflare should answer this question :slight_smile:

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