Cloudflare Wordpress APO isn't purging pages after site updates

There are probably 30 old posts on this topic but they seem to get closed out for 3 days of no activity without a solution. It has unfortunatly led to a mess of similar posts all leading to dead ends.

When I make a post on a clean wordpress site with no cache plugins, the post displays insantly. If I turn on Wordpress APO with the cloudflare plugin setup, and make a post literally seconds later, it will not show. Only the older verion of the page and even if I hop on a computer that has never been on the website before, it will serve up the old page. The only way to get it to update is manually purging all cache in cloudflare.

So, with that said… is there a fix for this? Has Cloudflare declared this a known issue?

I hear there is a work around to use rules to purge pages on a set timer like every hour, but does anyone know what I need to build out to make that happen without purging images and other useful cached items? Other posts mention it but dont write out the details.