CloudFlare + Wordfence plugin

Does Cloudflare (and the Cache Everything rule in particular) work well together with the Wordfence plugin? Are there any default Cloudflare settings that should be changed for the two to play nice together and the site to continue to be protected? Thanks!

Cloudflare and Wordfence work independently of each other. I use them in many different configurations and there is no interference either way.

Thanks! I read somewhere that the Cache Everything rule might interfere with Wordfence, hence the question.

@sdayman Should any Firewall setting be changed from default in Cloudflare? Like should Bot Fight Mode be on or should any rules be set? Thanks!

Where did you read that?

As I said, they’re independent of each other. There’s no need to make changes at Cloudflare just because you’re using Wordfence.

As @sdayman said, they CF Firewall and Wordfence work independently of each another. What you can do at times is check Wordfence’s log to examine the requests it has blocked and see if they could be blocked instead by a Firewall Rule. Once you have some familiarity with how Firewall Rules and Wordfence work, you’ll be able to create new (or adapt existing) Firewall Rules so that blocks are performed at the cloud (Cloudflare’s network) before they reach your origin (where Wordfence resides).

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