Cloudflare Wordfence 2022

Given the enhancements to Cloudflare for security, and the new increased price for Wordfence, I am wondering if I am safe NOT using Wordfence and just relying on Cloudflare circa October 2022. Or maybe better phrased “how unsafe without WF”

Apparently from the Wordfence stats it is still providing quite a bit of protection.

These are Wordpress 6.03 sites running on WP Engine

Screenshot from 2022-10-30 11-31-02

Block Type Complex Brute Force Blocklist Total
Today 1,019 0 364 1,383
Week 5,512 5 1,533 7,050
Month 26,071 6 5,743 31,820

Wordfence still has a free level. Even at the free level, I think it’s excellent. Especially since it’s very attuned to the needs of a WordPress site.

One thing it does that Cloudflare can not do is scan the installation for vulnerabilities.

I suggest you at least keep Wordfence at the free level.

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I’d suggest you to take a look at my post from below as it contains a lot useful stuff in that case for security & protection - but without scanning your origin files/contents:

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That’s a good point. Thanks. Generally I am always trying to eliminate plugins as they seem to be more dangerous than not having a WAF

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