Cloudflare won't verify on Firefox

I have tried everything I could think of. I have disabled all my ad block, any tracker blockers I have. I have made exceptions for the sites I’m trying to connect to on my browser security and challenges cloudflare com. Unless I use a different browser all together, which isn’t viable for me every time, I can’t access any site that is protected by cloudflare. It has been like this for months. If I try to even access the community site from firefox, it tells me to unblock challenges cloudflare. And before someone asks, yes I have cleared cache and cleared my systems temporary files and it still doesn’t work. If the verify box comes up, it will buffer and then ask me to verify over and over and over. If its a cloudflare site itself, it tells me to unblock challenges cloudflare. I’m at my whit’s end and I am extremely frustrated by the fact I can’t access numerous websites for no reason. And no, I am not going to switch browsers, I shouldn’t have to when it worked fine on firefox until a few months ago. I have read other people on this forum having similar issues and I have literally tried everything, nothing I have found works.

What is the site? And, what version of firefox are you running?