Cloudflare won't read my new updated nameservers even though I've changed them a few months ago

Domain name:

Issue: I have added this domain 3 times to Cloudflare because it won’t read my new nameservers. I get this message;

But my Namecheap nameservers are updated. They were updated like 3 months ago.
The only 2 nameservers I have in Namecheap for this domain are and

Cloudflare is stuck with the records they are asking me to remove, and it won’t read my new records. My site got deleted 2 times from Cloudflare because it’s stuck on “Pending Nameserver Update”.

What do I do?

The nameservers need to updated at your registrar.

Cloudflare needs to be the only nameservers listed.


It turns out Namecheap was using the domain’s custom nameservers together with the ones specified by me. I had to remove the personal nameservers to make it work. Thanks for the tip.


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