Cloudflare won’t use ipv4 on an A record with pseudo ipv4 enabled


I’m in the process of starting to host a Minecraft server, but I don’t want my origin IP to be shown to my userbase. I thought this could be achieved by using Cloudflare’s proxy service when I made an A record for my (bought and configured) domain name. I also enabled “Overwrite header” with pseudo ipv4. However, when I used to check if the DNS worked, it told me it failed to read from socket and gave me a debug DNS list. Here’s what it read:

|Hostname| Type |Data|
|[server ip hidden for privacy]| AAAA |2a06:98c1:3120:0:0:0:0:3|
|[server ip hidden for privacy]| AAAA |2a06:98c1:3121:0:0:0:0:3|

It showed me 2 ipv6 addresses, yet I had pseudo ipv4 enabled to change ipv6 proxies to ipv4 because Minecraft doesn’t accept them.

Any ideas?

You can’t proxy Minecraft with Cloudflare, unless you buy the (very expensive) Cloudflare Spectrum Add-On, which also requires a pro plan.

Pseudo IPv4 does do something totally different than what you describe. On HTTP requests, Cloudflare sends a header with the visitor’s IP address to the server, CF-Connecting-IP.
If the request from the visitor to Cloudflare is via IPv6, then Pseudo-IPv4 replaces the IPv6 address in this header with an IPv4 address.

Edit: This looks like an exact copy of Cloudflare won't use ipv4 on an A record with pseudo ipv4 enabled, so I will close this topic here.

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