Cloudflare with Wordpress Subdomain

I know this is addressed in the Help file, but the Help file didn’t help me very well.

I have a subdomain (webcpr) under my main account ( It is being built, so it is set up currently as a subdomain.

I using this to test Cloudflare. I do not know how to see if Cloudflare is actually working. I checked on CDNPlanet and it says appears to be working, but no reference to the subdomain.

I checked the source code and I see nothing to let me know it is working.


Hi. First off, your subdomain that you listed is working with Cloudflare currently. I checked using the Chrome browser extension Claire and also by inspecting that image and looking for CF-Cache-Status: HIT in the response headers. That is the best way to see if Cloudflare is working for a given asset.

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Hi Andy,

I do not know where to look for response headers for an image. I did an “inspect” of an image, and I can’t see what you are referring to. How do find that?

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Here are some screenshots. Sorry I should have clarified that you will need to switch to Network tab once you inspect an element. Inspecting something is usually just how I open the dev tools window.


Hi Andy,

So if “CF-Cache-Status: HIT” shows for an object, that confirms it is being served by Cloudflare?

BTW - I was able to see this info. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


If you see CF-Cache-Status: HIT then that asset is being served by Cloudflare’s cache, yes. In general, if you have set up your site to use Cloudflare’s nameservers, and have the DNS record set to orange cloud :orange: then all HTTP(S) traffic is going through Cloudflare.

Excellent information, Andy.

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