Cloudflare with WIX & Namecheap Domain

From my understanding it is not possible to use cloudflare with wix if you buy a domain from them - however, I am using a domain purchased from elsewhere (in this case namecheap), and then wix to build the site…what servers do I need to put in cloudflare for it to work properly with wix? Or is this not possible.

WIX says it’s not possible.

Alright, thank you. That’s annoying…I also have two subdomains (so my website is, and the other two are and they point to applications running on a different server - like teamspeak, is it still possible to get those to work?

You’d have to check with WIX if you can add those DNS records with them.

Sorry I’m a bit confused - since the domain is registered with namecheap, and the services the subdomains point to are running on an entirely different machine that I have access to, how does wix play into this?

Or you can check with Namecheap.

I can choose my DNS with namecheap and the subdomains appear to be working, and the site does too and is currently hosting the wix version…afraid you’ve lost me a bit here. Could I add 2 DNS’s through namecheap, the wix ones for the site, and cloudflare for the subdomains?

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