Cloudflare with Unity WebGL builds

I am considering Cloudflare for speeding up a WebGL build made with unity (has unity loader files, CSS,HTML and JS). It should be anywhere from 100mb to 200mb when hosted on a server. I was wondering if Cloudflare plays well with the Unity WebGL builds. Are there some extra settings that need to be done on my end?

If it’s just html, css, and js, then CF’s caching should be in full-effect, but if you have other files that don’t change often you might want to add a page rule that sets the cache level to ‘cache everything’, eg

match: **.asset (any extension would work)

do: Cache Level: Cache Everything.

If the build is replaced every week, does that give cloudflare enough time to start caching on edges? Or it doesn’t depend on that?
I mean, how long does it take for the caching to come into effect? Thanks for replying so fast!

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