Cloudflare with source communication protocol question(https)

I read this article < End-to-end HTTPS with Cloudflare - Part 3: SSL options> ,and have a question, is it possible, Cloudflare communicates with the source use https, but users can use http or https.


Thanks, I have tried “Full strict” and found that it works like this:


(user->http->CF, CF->http->original)


(user->https->CF, CF->https->original)

my question is no matter what user use, CF always communicate with the original under https:



I believe it can be done using PortZilla from the app store. Of course I would argue that it’s simpler to just force all connections to use HTTPs (301 redirect http requests) then Full or Full Strict work just fine.

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Thanks very much, PortZilla is a powerfull app. :grinning:

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