Cloudflare with Sectigo DV Certificate

Hi Guys

I am just about to install one of my sites on CF but wanted to make sure I understood the SSL process better. We have a DV installed on this websites InMotion VPS server. The SSL cert is provided by Sectigo.

Do I:

  1. Set SSL to full strict in CF admin panel
  2. Make sure Free Universal SSL is enabled to cover the edge certificate

And that’s it? or do I have to do something else>?


  1. ?
  2. Profit!

Your plan looks good.

I was getting a bit confused with Advanced Certificates and Custom Certificates thinking I might need to use one of those options with my Sectigo cert. Also it says this on the Sectigo page which confused me even further.

note : Cloudflare (only) allows their business and enterprise customers to have the option of uploading a custom (dedicated) SSL certificate that will be presented to end users.

That applies only in circumstances where the site operator has deemed it critical to present their own certificate to visitors. The Universal certificate will work just fine.

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Thanks Epic

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