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Hello, Everyone!

I live in Argentina and I have my domain registered in, which is some sort of government institution. My question is, if I change the name-servers in in order to use Cloudflare, I have to remove the servers from the web-hosting, and they told me that if I do this my web wouldn’t be available anymore :frowning: I don’t wan’t to loose my website! Has anyone done this with

If they are saying they are dropping your hosting when you change nameservers, then that will be accurate but that’s something only your host can clarify and fix.

If they were only referring to the DNS records, then you just need to make sure the DNS records on Cloudflare are the same as the current ones. When you add your domain, Cloudflare will import default records and you need to verify that these are correct. Check out for more details.

And yes, there are plenty of Argentinian domains on Cloudflare.


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