CloudFlare with Microsoft Azure Data Transfer Routing Preference


Regarding tutorial1:

Step 3: Enter your updated endpoint urls from Azure into your Cloudflare dashboard:

I’m not sure where to add this in the Cloudflare dashboard.

In tutorial2 it says to create a cname record in the CF dashboard, is that it?

I did follow tutorial2 and created the cname: and pointed to:

See here where I found this routing url:

My azure blob image url is:

If I use to trace the image url, I still get 6x hops (before and after creating the cname in the CF dashboard). Am I doing this wrong?

Also, the subdomain doesn’t work (I’m not sure if it’s supposed to work).

Hi there @gunnars04,
Sorry to read you are having issues with this.
I’ve replied to you through ticket #2623609.

Let’s see if grey-clouding the DNS record achieves the expected outcome.

Thank you.