Cloudflare with Linode

I’m trying to use Cloudflare DNS, but my site is hosted on a Linode with a domain registered through NameCheap. I’m a bit lost as to what name servers to enter into my domain registrar (NameCheap) and then what to do from there.

All you need from Linode is a working web server with HTTPS.

Cloudflare will tell you the two name servers that you need to enter in at NameCheap’s WHOIS section. Then just make sure your Cloudflare DNS has the usual list of records: “A” records for and www with the IP address of your Linode instance, plus any other DNS records for other services you have for your domain, such as Email.

I figured it would be unwise to enter in a static ip, in case my linode was ever moved to a new ip for some reason. There isn’t some other way to accomplish this without using an ip?

An IP address is the most fundamental building block of DNS and the reason why DNS was invented in the first place. If you dont want to use an IP address, you must already have a hostname and hence dont need another one :wink:. And of course, you will have to update that record should the address change.

The only alternative you’d have is if your host already provides a hostname. In this case you could create a CNAME, but if you move you will then either have to update that other hostname nonetheless, or even change the CNAME itself, as the other hostname likely wont be valid any longer (because you moved to a different host).

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Linode isn’t going to change the IP address of your instance unless you request them to. It’s as unlikely as them moving your instance to the opposite coast without your consent. VPS services and their customers rely on a fixed IP address.

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