CloudFlare with LightSpeed CMS


I set up CloudFlare for my LightSpeed Ecom store ~8 months ago and while I’ve seen an improvement with my site speed, I ran a test recently and found that some of my images are still being routed through a LightSpeed CDN and they’re not being optimized for delivery.

Does anyone have experience with CloudFlare x LightSpeed?

I want to try and reroute everything via my CloudFlare CDN, but I’m not sure how to and LightSpeeds support team just told me to hire one of their dev experts.

Can you please be more specific how you found this out, or what tells you that they are still being served/routed through LightSpeed CDN?

Can you also provide us with the related website/domain and with the URLs of the specific Images you are talking about, so we can look into this?

Hey! Thank you for reaching out.

I see the images coming through the LightSpeed CDN when I run a Google Speed test. (see image).

Here is an example URL where the image is being hosted:

I just saw that is already using Cloudflare. So it seems LightSpeed CMS is already using Cloudflare, but they probably have not enabled the Cloudflare Feature Polish, or it could not improve your images size under the given settings.
Nearly impossible not to improve a PNG picture by converting tho, so I assume they have not enabled Polish.

What you can do is: ask them nicely if they are willing to spend $20/month on Cloudflare’s Pro Plan for their customers satisfaction.

On Pro Plan ($20/month) Cloudflare will get Polish enabled for them so they will be able to deliver your images as WEBP which then are getting served from their cdn-domain more optimized.

On Business Plan ($200/month) they can even activate Image Resizing which will scale down the image to fit the displayed resolution automatically.

As I myself never used LightSpeed CMS I would recommend you just reaching out to them and ask them to consider upgrading their Cloudflare Plan or if they already are on paid plan to activate these features.
But fact is the domain:

  1. is using Cloudflare:
  2. is getting proxied through Cloudflare:

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