Cloudflare with google workspace

I have a question regarding Cloudfare CDN. I’ve been trying to improve website performance and was thinking to install cloudflare CDN. The problem is that i already have DNS servers from google which are linked to Google Workspace. It is possible to use Cloudflare without affecting the already existing Google Workspace and if yes can somebody point me to the documentation for this?
(Sorry if this is wrong category or if the question was already asked. I couldn’t find anything useful related to these questions.)

Thanks in advance!

If you add your domain and switch the name servers over to Cloudflare the DNS records toward google workspace will still function correctly. Just make sure they are correct when going through the domain setup phase.

If I remember correctly last time I setup with Google Workspace they also had great documentation within their setup instructions.

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Thank you for your swift reply and taking the time to answer!
So basically I follow the installation process of cloudflare:
-add domain
-choose plan
-replace DNS of google with Cloudflare
And after that I suppose I need to put the Google DNS through cloudflare or something? Or should it still work?

When setting up the domain it should import all the DNS records for you. Though I highly advise double checking them to make sure they match the ones that you have setup on googles side now. Then everything should work fine, if you run into issues with email not delivering or anything google sided breaking, then try going through the google dashboard as described in that google help article.

Perfect! Thank you again!

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