Cloudflare with cpanel



hi all
i have problem with install cloudflare with cpanel , after i download and extract cloudflare to rhel 7
this steps

#Step 1. Access cPanel for the server using root user by:

#ssh [email protected] IP ADDRESS or SERVER NAME

Step 2.

#cd /usr/local/cpanel

Step 3.

#curl -k -L > cloudflare.tar.gz
Step 4.

#tar -zxvf cloudflare.tar.gz

so when i did step 5 i didnt find this path

#cd cloudflare-CloudFlare-CPanel-UNIQUE ID/cloudflare/

so i cant install cloudflare plugin to my cpanel

#./install_cf API HOST KEY mod_cf “YOUR COMPANY NAME”

Any Help Please

i did this install command
bash <(curl -s -k [YOUR_HOST_API_KEY] -n ‘[YOUR_COMPANY_NAME]’

but error like this
Starting CloudFlare CPanel Installation…
ERROR: Could not find latest version. Please double check your HOST_KEY.