Cloudflare with Azure

I have Azure DNS Zone with NS records. When I add my custom domain in Cloudflare it gives me instructions to remove Azure name servers in the registrar and add Cloudflare’s name servers. I am interested in what happens to the Azure DNS zone when I want to protect my site with Cloudflare.

To sum up, which scenario is correct:

  • Delete DNS Zone and just add cloudflares in registrar
  • Add Cloudflare NS in registrar and leave DNS zone as it is with Azure NS
  • Add Cloudflare NS to the registrar and add it to the existing Azure DNS zone by following records scenario:

Add cloudflares:


I suggest you don’t delete anything in your current DNS. You just need to set only the two Cloudflare name servers for your domain.

You may wish to export your current DNS records into a BIND file to make sure they all make it over to Cloudflare.