Cloudflare with Azure front door SSL issue

first time here so apologies if this isn’t the right area. I’m developing a a SaaS product hosted in Azure, and based on research I chose Azure Front Door (which is connected to a static hosting origin) as it supports supports wildcard subdomains and routing the way I want it to work. I purchased the domain through Cloudflare and set up the whole thing as per Azure’s directions, which included created an origin cert with Cloudflare’s root cert in the chain.

The routing is working as expected (I can type and my app will be served regardless of the subdomain), however I can’t get the SSL working despite it all showing “green” from the azure side. It appears the cert being used isn’t the one I created and set in AFD, but rather the one that azure creates by default when the AFD endpoint is created (*

Prons a long shot but hoping someone here has done this before. I posted a question on Stackoverlfow but no luck so far. here is the link if for more info and some pics.

Also, it appears that maybe I could achieve what I want just using Cloudflare, so some direction there would be great.

Could you provide the domain name?

the domain is, but while I was waiting for this question to be made public I decided to re-create all the azure assets, and now I can’t even get the custom domain setup working, so took a step back. I’ll post an update when I get it back to where it was (if I can)

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