Cloudflare With AWS ELB using AWS certs

I’m trying to configure Cloudflare to sit in front of my AWS application that uses AWS issued certificates with an AWS via an ELB.

Currently I’ve just point a cname in clouflare to my ELB that uses an AWS cert to serve my application securly, but I’m gettign an error “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH”.

I haven’t uploaded any certs to Cloudflare as I can’t export AWS issued certs. I also haven’t generated any certs via Cloudflare.

Do certificates on cloudfare need to match certs on AWS?
Can I use a gerenated cert on Cloudflare with my AWS cert?
Should I get new certs from a 3rd party and use them in both Cloudflare and AWS?

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same issue here …

This article is very helpful