Cloudflare WHOIS Information

I see that Cloudflare have implemented the ability to allow users to edit their WHOIS information, great! :smile:

Unfortunately though, it looks as if the WHOIS information entered is used across all domains registered to the Cloudflare account? :frowning:

Edit your WHOIS contact info across all Cloudflare Registrar domains.

This isn’t ideal if you need different email addresses and phone numbers registered against different domains.

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Considering this is a community forum, in some way, the greater Cloudflare entity would have to be gotten ahold of and made aware of this inconvenience, also, even then I’m also noticing that whoisguard also isn’t seemingly a thing on Cloudflare’s registar, which is stopping me from switching my domains over, other than the fact that 2/3 of my domains aren’t covered currently under their transfer, *.me and *.in

Best of luck to you, and may the odds be ever in your favor

What aspect of whoisguard are you missing?

User information isn’t displayed anymore when doing a whois search so I don’t see the need for whoisguard unless I’m missing something?

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That was pretty much my point – Being able to edit/assign WHOIS information on a per-domain basis is still important because the information still exists and has legal relevance even if it isn’t displayed to the public by default.