CloudFlare/ WHMCS


Does anyone know how to fix this? CloudFlare does not connect to WHMCS


How should Cloudflare connect? That error message is pretty clear and in the apparent Teamspeak context even clearer. You cannot use Teamspeak over Cloudflare’s proxies.

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I know friends who use and work normal


I am sorry, but that doesnt make more sense either. What exactly is not working?

And if you are saying your friends use Teamspeak over Cloudflare, I am afraid that cant be correct as Teamspeak does not use HTTP and consequently does not proxy over Cloudflare unless your friends have Enterprise accounts and use Spectrum.


@MarkMeyer wrote a wiki post on Teamspeak when using Cloudflare. As @sandro said, Teamspeak can’t be proxied by Cloudflare.

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