Cloudflare went down for a bit, and My Site Followed


Hi. So Cloudflare was down for a few minutes just now. And my site followed.

Cloudflare is back up, but my site is not going back up.

Can anyone assist?

#2 does not seem to list any issue.

Whats your domain?


Yeah, I checked that… Nothing wrong. I checked the other browsers, and the site is fine. I narrowed it down to it being not just my wifi, but chrome only on my wifi.

If I use chrome on data, it’s fine. If I use firefox on my wifi, it is also fine. All other sites are fine.

But my site on chrome under my wifi is not… This is…very strange.


I’d clear the cache and try to reset Chrome.

Alternatively it might be a good opportunity to switch to Firefox :smile:


Ah, Firefox lover, huh? lol.

The Cache thing worked. It was weird and random. I should have tried that first. But I guess I was worried for my users before anything when I couldn’t even access cloudflare.




Lover might be exaggerated :slight_smile: Lets say it is an ideological thing. Chrome is way too dominant, not a bad browser though.

Anyhow, in this case there were probably some remains in the cache :man_shrugging:t2:

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