Cloudflare websites not accessible via generation 1 ipad

My device would be considered obsolete by most. Bit I mainly use it like a Kindle.

The issue that is happening with my device is it getting stuck on the authentication page. I don’t know if I am passing the authentication page or not, but I’m not being re-directed at all to see an error code of some sort. I’m currently running iOS 5 on the device and it runs fine. Even still running YouTube. It may just be the case of cloudflare looking for an internet protocol that doesn’t exist on my device, which is a shame if the case is in fact true. I’ve practically done my best client side but to no avail. I’m just reporting this as a problem and hopefully there’s a chance for a fix or an exception for outdated devices like my own. Please fix or make an exception.

Well I’ll give my ray id, if it will somehow help.
Ray ID: 6c49fff70a1d3e64

My gen 1 ipad cannot access cloudflare protected networks, which might be due to a case of obsolescence.

Well, TLS 1.2 is working on it as far as it is stated on the article from below:

May I ask of which service / Website?

May I ask what is the error code?
Could you share a screenshot of it?

I am not aware of that. Maybe the Websites you are trying to access are using security options provided by Cloudflare which are enabled by the owner of the domain to protect it’s Website.

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I am not given an error code, the authentication page is re-authenticating in a which a endless loop. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t be able to get a screenshot, because Ifhave no idea on how to download images off the device due to incapatabilities. But I’ve read up further on similar cases, (not concerning my ipad) which makes me believe I’m failing the javascript test. Which I believe is happen due to gaining an error in console of javascript, which could either be a javascript stress test or the link to the new page which isn’t opening. Javascript is enabled on the device, but I believe cloudflare is using a newer version javascript which has a new function my old ipad cannot process. Cloudflare also then ends up freezing the device (potentially by repeating the invalid process) by filling up the buffer and forcing the browser i’m using to crash. An example site which gives me this error is “”.
Thank you anyways for your help it is very much appreciated.

Guess I’ll have to try and solve the issue my self.

Have you tried clearing your Web browser cache?

This is a bit strange behaviour, if so.

This website isn’t using Cloudflare as far as I see. And is an insecured one too.

May I ask if you are using Cloudflare DNS or Cloudflare Warp?

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