Cloudflare website is unavailable

What is the value for the A www record and A record?
Are both of this records :orange:?

Moreover, what do you have slected under “SSL tab” - Full SSL or Flexible SSL?

HTTP website is working, but now for it shows up SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN.

Certanly, your SSL certificate does not cover, but only neither
Is your A www record on :orange: or :grey: cloud?

Meaning you do not have an valid SSL certificate generated at your host/origin, or it is invalid.

Moreover, depending on the SSL tab for your domain and selected SSL option (hopefully Full SSL or Flexible SSL), furthermore issues can be shown up, but also can be resolved if they happen.

Please, before proceeding with:

  1. Generate an SSL certificate at your origin/host to cover both www and non-www domain or generate Cloudflare CA Origin certificate for your hostnames and upload/install it at your origin
  2. Enable the “Full SSL” option at your DNS dashboard at Cloudflare account
  3. Make sure you have :orange: for www record and record and under “SSL tab” have the “Flexible SSL” option (not recommended - see below!)

About HTTPS and SSL erros, please find more information here: