Cloudflare website is unavailable

I have a cloudflare website, website is unavailable. Please help

What’s the domain?


I see a couple of issues:

  1. There’s no DNS entry for the apex domain (without the ‘www’).
  2. With www, it’s a proxied (:orange:) CNAME that points to another host proxied by Cloudflare. It would need to be set to :grey: DNS Only.
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I’m starter so i don’t know how to do it

Here’s a tutorial to fix problem #1:

And to fix #2, you need to edit the ‘www’ DNS record and click the :orange: so it’s :grey:.




As @sdayman and @DotMrCode already pointed out the tutorials, and as far as I have checked, you have an MX record pointing to
Assumming, your A record points as well to

Kindly, can you please provide us a screenshot of your DNS records from your Cloudflare account dashboard (in case if needed, please mask/hide your IP address column due to privacy worries)?

Moreover, your DNS records at your Cloudflare account for your domain should look alike similar as on the screenshot below (just change to your IPv4 address of your hosting provider/origin where you have your Website and content hosted):

Make sure at first you have:

  • A www pointed to your IPv4 address (of your hosting provider) and :orange:
  • A pointed to your IPv4 address (of your hosting provider) and :orange:
  • A mail pointed to your IPv4 address (of your hosting/email provider) and :grey: DNS only
  • MX pointed to and DNS only

Do you know who is your hosting provider and what IPv4 address have you got, either where can you find it?

Later on, we can provide more help due to the possible missconfiguration on the SSL side and your other issue if so.

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Your A record is pointing to a local IP address not your hosting IP. Set that record to the IP address your hosting provider has given.




I’ll try to delete the website and add again

If you are using your own computer (home network) for a web server, hopefully if you have setup port forwarding at your router intraface as well as having web server setup correctly and having a public static IP address, otherwise you can find your public IP address using this Website:

Moreover, maybe you have Dynamic DNS and wanting to achieve access to your host at your home network?

I already have another domain name is: but

will anyone do it to me already? because I can’t do that

I have a cloudflare website but i have error on the website. My domain:
Please help