Cloudflare web scraping block

Hi, in Cloudflare Security> Security Level there are 3-5 levels
low, medium , high and im under attack, i have essentially off security level.

i want to ask if i can use Security Level to block/fight web scraping bots , and how?
note that i have create firewall to block scroe equal to 1 and challenge scroes 2-29 and enable bot fight bot in Cloudflare.

and my Challenge Passage in 30 min.

any answer and tip can help me , im newbie in Cloudflare and dont understand how its work.

Might be hard nowadays, but if you could somehow detect them via your server log files, you could create a Firewall Rule to block those and similar request trying to scrape your website content by it’s AS number, IP address, part of the user-agent string, etc.

Set to Medium.

Set to 5min.

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Hi, i have create Cloudflare waf firewall to block score equal to 1 and challenge scroes 2-29.
what can i also to fight scraping bots?

Thank you!