Cloudflare Web Analytics vs Dashboard's Analytics tab

I started using free plan of Cloudflare CDN for my website. Also, Inspired by Cloudflare privacy policy I added hCaptcha to my website forms, now I decided to stop using Google Analytics in favor of Cloudflare Web Analytics but I’m still not sure about free tier of Web Analytics!

  1. While I using CDN and DNS services still I should add JS code for Web Analytics?

  2. Dashboard’s Analytics tab is same thing as Cloudflare Web Analytics in terms of data and features?

  3. There is any Free plan for Web Analytics like CDN/DNS?

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Hello cf-newbie (m.),

Thanks for reaching out so that we could provide more information. Hopefully connecting you with these resources can assist you. If not, don’t hesitate to respond back here.

  1. You can follow the “Enabling Cloudflare Web Analytics”. This will discuss with you how to add the JS Code. Once enabled, find and copy the JS Snippet on the left menu of the Web Analytics page anytime.

  2. Since CF has multiple products that would require different types of reporting, they can differentiate. Here’s a great resource that will break down each: Cloudflare Analytics: A quick overview – Cloudflare Help Center

  3. Yes, there sure is. You can start here: Free Plan or click on the '“Free” tab here: Our Plans | Pricing | Cloudflare. Be sure to click ‘Compare all plans and features’. This will give you a deeper breakdown.

Sincerely hope this helps! Welcome!

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In reply to your question #2, they aren’t the same thing.

The Dashboard Analytics tab for a free domain will show web traffic but that’s very limited in how to filter data. You will be better with the the JS-based Web Analytics which, like Google Analytics, relies on the client executing the script. This also means you get actual clients (although some bots seem to execute those scripts as well but you can filter them out while looking at the analytics).

Another thing to consider is Dashboard Analytics shows ALL traffic, including automated - so if you want closer to actual human traffic you should look at the JS-based Web Analytics instead.