Cloudflare Web Analytics - not correct?

Hello team,

am sharing two images from CF from the same period. One is saying everything is fine with my site, the other - I have a situation that I have to pay attention ASAP.

  • first is from the periodic web analytics email that I receive - no spikes, no issues, decrease in traffic
  • second - a spike usage of my site 100K connections (usually less than 10K)

    *sorry for bad quality, CF allows me only one image upload

is there an option CF to send me a real report that shows me issues because the current seen in file 1 is cheating? Could I somehow change the reporting I receive on email to receive more info than web analytics?

I am running free plan

Thanks for any comment

Hi, the reported Web Analytics data are from the browser (from the real users). If any of the requests are coming directly to your server, those won’t be reported in Web Analytics, so for better comparison, you should try see whether the spiked traffic is from the server directly.

Also, unfortunately, Web Analytics Metrics Update does not cover the network analytics.

@YKP thanks for replying - both pictures come form Cloudflare.
And the question is why are they so different.