Cloudflare Web Analytics for a website not in my account

I am getting weekly “Cloudflare Web Analytics” notifications for a website I no longer manage, and I can’t disable the notification!
I was added to the team in the past. I removed myself from the team. But this weekly notification never stopped!
How can I disable it now, as I can’t access the website from my Cloudflare account anymore?

Hello there,

I understand you’d like to opt-out from the “Cloudflare Web Analytics” notifications you still receive for an account you are no longer part of. At the moment, the only way of doing that is to contact one of the existing Account administrator and to ask them to remove your email address from the team entirely. You removed yourself from the team but perhaps there’s a place in the account, only visible by the Administrators where you are still registered.

Let us know if that doesn’t work work for you.