Cloudflare Web Analytics - Blocked by Ad Blockers

I’ve gone through the setup process for Web Analytics. I have no issues with default browsers (Chrome/Firefox). As soon as someone turns on an ad blocker, such as ublock origin (or uses a privacy browser such as Brave), then the call to the JS from Cloudflare script, is blocked with net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT.
I tried working around this by setting a CSP policy to allow it:
add_header Content-Security-Policy “script-src ‘unsafe-inline’; connect-src ‘unsafe-inline’” always;
That didn’t fix the issue. Is there a way to work around ad blockers blocking the call to the js script?
Thank you for any advice you could provide.

That would certainly defeat the purpose of ad/tracker blockers, wouldn’t it? They’re doing exactly what they’re meant to do.

I understand that is what they are meant to do, I’m just thinking that this renders the Web Analytics almost entirely useless. I know my workplace automatically pushes ublock origin to everyone using Chrome for instance.
I’m assuming there is no way to host that code on the source domain in question?

Having the same issue with my CSP (executed through a CF Worker) even though I have the following in my CSP’s connect-src section:


It’s set as report-only, and this is an example of what I get from the report about this (obviously omitting irrelevant parts):

    "csp-report": {
        "blocked-uri": "",
        "source-file": "",
        "status-code": 200

Does https://* not handle this, or should I include as well?