Cloudflare Web Analytics and Turbolinks causing problems

Here’s an example of the issue that got logged to Sentry: Sentry

It seems to me that there was a change in the last day or so (maybe earlier, but suddenly there have been a few dozen instances of this in the last few hours where there were 0 before) to Cloudflare’s Web Analytics script that has caused a problem with - I assume - Turbolinks (see GitHub - turbolinks/turbolinks: Turbolinks makes navigating your web application faster).

I’m fairly certain it’s caused by Cloudflare’s script for two reasons: 1) the stack trace on the error, 2) the fact that it only reproduces for me when I turn off my ad blocker (which also blocks analytics like Cloudflare Web Analytics).

Every link on my site now causes a reload, and no page change to occur. I haven’t deployed new code since 7 days ago (and again, the problem only started within the last few hours), and Cloudflare Web Analytics has been on my site since mid-January.

I deployed a change to remove Cloudflare’s Web Analytics from my site for now, and that fixed the problem. Is anyone else seeing this?

I wonder if it has to do with the SPA changes from a few days ago? Enhancing privacy-focused Web Analytics to better meet your metrics needs

I just had a similar issue! Today customers were noticing weird application behaviour:

  • The URL in the browser bar would not update when clicking links, even tho the page content was loaded correctly
  • Some redirects were not working, instead the page would just reload
  • Even direct calls like Turbolinks.visit(“/contact”) were not working

Using Ruby on Rails with Turbolinks. After removing Cloudflare Web Analytics everything was back to normal. I used Cloudflare for 2 years without any issue until this desaster happened today or maybe yesterday… thats a big no-go.

Hi sorry for the problem. We rolled out a fix for this last week, let us know if you are still seeing this problem.