Cloudflare WARP+

Greetings all,
How can I allow my Cloudflare WARP+ application on every device on my LAN to connect and be used on a Zyxel VMG8623-T50B home router when its firewall settings is set to “High” ? (Meaning it filters both incoming and outgoing traffic though the provider’s policies maybe) Furthermore which are the ACL and Protocol rules I should use?

So far I am only able to use it smoothly with the “Medium” firewall mode.

I am already familiar with those instructions but I am not sure if I inserted them correctly or if it is my provider totally blocking WARP ports on High firewall level mode.

Looking forward for the community’s feedback and many thanks to the WARP Team for its great and innovative work!

Best regards

I also have to mention that Medium level totally filters/block all incoming connection (WAN to LAN) but allows access to all outgoing ones (LAN to WAN)

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