Cloudflare WARP

Greetings all ! Namely, I have one problem, I tried several times to log in via cloudflare warp for teams, since I already have an account on Teams, it asked me to type my email, I type a valid one and it says that it sent the code to the same, however when I go to Gmail, no code came to me I even tried “Resend mail” nothing … is that a problem by email or?

When logging into a Teams account from the Warp client, ensure that your team name is correct (foo where your auth domain is and that the email address being used matches the device enrollment policy. If the team name or email address is incorrect there’s no feedback to that team or username is incorrect as that represents a potential security risk (provides the ability to mine ‘legitimate accounts’).

Device enrollment · Cloudflare for Teams documentation

Thanks so… what is the difference between Teams mode and WARP?

Warp is a client available for consumer use. When logged into a Teams account (manually or configured via MDM) the same client picks up organizational specific configurations and potentially enhanced capabilities over the consumer product.

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