Cloudflare WARP / ZeroTrust preventing google drive client to work


When using WARP / ZeroTrust (v 2022.2.248.0) with Google Drive (application) on Mac (Version : (Apple Silicon)) Google drive is not working at all

  • unable to login while WARP is ON
  • unable to sync any files while WARP is ON

Turning off WARP immediatly fixes the issues with Google Drive client (able to login, and also able to sync files)

Unable to login/load:

As soon as WARP is off, login and files sync is possible.

In the Gateway activity log, no traffic is reported as blocked either for DNS, Network or HTTP.
TLS certificates from Cloudflare for HTTPS traffic decryption are installed and working.

Read this docs page :slight_smile:

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Hello @matteo ,

On my account, I already have the “Do not Decrypt” HTTP rules

From what I understand from the specific paragraph on Google Drive, it just says that we can configure the client to decrypt the traffic. So in my case, it shouldn’t help with the initial problem no ?

Correct, with that rule.

Then I’m at a loss, unfortunately :frowning:

Dear @matteo ,

I tried the solution with TrustedRootCertsFile to give google drive client the Cloudflare+google certificate and it works I was able to login and to sync files… would that mean that the do not inspect rules does not cover the Google Drive client ?

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