Cloudflare WARP won't open with Latest Release on Windows

This is similar to other issues on here but they are all closed and it looks like with every new release the bug keeps being reintroduced. I installed the latest version (October 11th version) and when I open WARP nothing happens. The Cloudflare icon in the icon tray is also greyed out and I am unable to click on it. looked in the GUI logs and this error was present “ERROR|GetAccount() returned: MissingRegistration”

After reading a few related closed cases I installed the BETA version from end of July and it works, registration occurs, and I’m able to turn on WARP mode successfully. Thought I could upgrade and maybe the latest version would work now, but it still doesn’t. Cloudflare looks like you need to make sure whatever bug fix that is in BETA Version 2022.7.370.1 is included in your next major release because this looks to have happened 3 different times since May.