Cloudflare Warp with DNS-level adblocking

Hi everyone. I saw the article on Cloudflare Warp today and was pretty impressed, but I have one major concern. At the moment, I use Blokada via F-Droid for DNS-level adblocking on my phone, which can be configured to prefer over other DNS services. However, since Warp is a VPN, it looks like I probably won’t be able to stack it with Blokada (which also acts as a VPN). In general, since DNS traffic is encrypted over HTTPS or TLS, I don’t think a Pi-hole would work either for DNS-level adblocking, not to mention that it would only work on my home network.

In short: does anyone have any idea how one might go about getting DNS-level adblocking to work alongside Cloudflare Warp? At the moment, blocking ads has massively sped up my phone’s page load times and decreased its battery and data usage, so I would be loathe to give it up, even for Warp. On the other hand, if there was a way to get adblocking to work with Warp without changing my browser from Chrome, I would seriously consider paying for Warp+.


Edit: I suppose this counts as a feature request, but it would be really cool if in the future the app allowed for the user to submit a custom hosts file.

I don’t see CF directly operating an ad-block filter for their VPN. Some ad companies are (enterprise) customers of Cloudflare, so there is a conflict of interest there.

If the OS supports a non-VPN-profile way to block ads, such as via hostname blocking or browser extensions, then by all means you will be able to block ads while also using the VPN.


I see, I didn’t think of hostname blocking! It seems like you can even edit the hosts file with adb without needing root access. This definitely seems like a path to explore further. Thanks!