Cloudflare Warp Windows 2021.11.155.0

Hi folks

Anyone usig the latest Cloudflare Warp Windows 2021.11.155.0 noticed it defaults to connected when starting up while previous versions would keep the last state before restart.

For example if the client was disconnected when starting the computer it would remain disconnected. The new version will always connect, regardless of the state before shutdown/restart.

Or is there a new option I am missing?

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So it’s odd; when I first installed WARP, it defaulted to connect; however, it stopped doing that for some versions. Since the last update, it automatically connects back again.

Also, another issue I spotted and that I believe some people have pointed out in the community. The auto-updater refuses to auto-update, it creates a new file, but the old one remains on the system.
I believe that multiple antiviruses and EDRs (including windows defender) do not like how cloudflared installs a new version.

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