Cloudflare Warp (Teams) with Jumpcloud (SSO) on Windows

I’ve installed Cloudflare for Teams Warp Client on many different computers on my organization from Linux, MacOS and Windows. For some unknown reason, the Windows Clients always get stuck in the Provider authentication page which is JumpCloud.
Windows computers are using Microsoft Edge (The latest version based on Chromium).
The only way I can force the users to authenticate is by copying the authenticating page address to a new Browser window and authenticate through there, this way allows Warp Client to authenticate successfully.

How to:
Open Inspect (CTRL+Shift+I)
Go to Console and type: console.log(window.location.href)
Copy the link address and open the Browser with the copied link
Proceed with the authentication process, at the end a popup will show to open Warp client
Warp client will authenticate successfully


Open Inspect
Go to the Network Tab
Refresh the page on the Warp Client Browser so it logs the request on the Network Tab
Double click on the Request on the Network tab so it opens a new Browser Window
Proceed with the authentication process

It seems that Warp Client uses the default Browser configured on the computer and for some reason, it behaves unexpectedly with Jumpcloud, because Jumpcloud can validate the user credentials but for some reason, the next network request gets pending but only in the Warp Client Browser, which is odd.
Any insights?

Version: 1.5.461